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July 16th-18th Weekend!

Where will David Hansel and his Tribe be July 16th-18th?!

July 16th, Artists at Gulf Place in Santa Rosa Beach. Come get Your Hippy On, with David's Tie Dye Workshop 10am to 3pm. Many designs to choose from like guitar, peace sign, hearts, swirls, and much more. We have shirt sizes from 2T kids to 4XL adults. We have aprons, gloves, and hand sanitizer as well.

July 17th, Holistic Market 10am to 4pm @ 2701 N 12th Ave. Pensacola 32503 David will have Tie Dye Dresses, Genie Pants, Skirts, Jumpsuits, etc. Also his Coastal Charcuterie Boards and Lazy Susans.

July 18th, Hammock Bay Farmers Market in Freeport 8am to 1pm. With his Coastal Charcuterie Boards and Lazy Susans. Plus Tie Dye clothes.


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